January 2023 | DendroPharm obtains the manufacturing license for analytics and release of veterinry medical products

January 2022 | Certification according GMP by the state authority LaGeSo

January 2019 | DendroPharm moves to a new location in the Lankwitzer Straße with 800 m2 of cleanroom, laboratory, storage and production facilities.

October 2017 | DendroPharm becomes a member of the "Network for Pharma Solutions" NetPhaSol. This cooperation network for drug development serves as a platform for research, development and marketing of new products, processes and services. The primary focus is on first value chain stages of drug development - however, further development stages are not excluded. DendroPharm is now broadening NetPhaSol´s profile with its expertise in CMS Nanocarriers and dermal drug delivery.

Dezember 2016 | DendroPharm wins the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg.
The Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the most prestigious awards for novel products and is awarded annually. 120 innovative products by large, small and medium enterprises have entered the competition in 2016. Of those, 5 innovations have won awards. DendroPharm GmbH develops nanocarriers which enable a highly efficient transdermal drug transfer for both lipiphilic and hydrophilic compounds. DendroSol® nanocarriers are non-toxic, biodegradable and do not irritate the skin. This results in significantly reduced side effects. The technology has been developed together with Prof. Rainer Haag from the Freie Universität Berlin. It enables patients to switch their daily medication from oral to transdermal and thus prevent gastrological side effects.

November 2016 | Presentation: "Polymerbasierte Nanomaterialien – Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und regulatorische Hürden" Dr. Sam Dylan Moré, DendroPharm GmbH.

April 2016 | DendroPharm becomes reference client of ViscoTec`s GMP grade filling technology for highly viscous semisolid drugs | pdf
Viscotech is a leading German manufacturer of high precision dosing pump equipment. This technology will enable DendroPharm to offer its clients GMP grade investigational products for clinical trials of highly potent drugs and semi-solids from 2017 onwards.

September 2015 | DendroPharm's quality management system successfully passed the certification by TÜV-SÜD according to the norm ISO 9001:2008. The scope is as follows: Research and development of nanomaterials and nanocarriers as pharmaceutical excipients, as well as of galenic products; production and purification of nanomaterials and nanocarriers for research purposes; production of nanomaterials and nanocarriers for veterinary products.

December 2014 | DendroPharm qualifies for inclusion in the BAFA program for a 20% subsidy for direct private investments from 10.000 €. If interested, please get in touch with the management.

September 29, 2014 | DendroPharm finalist for the "technology transfer award 2014 of the Berliner Sparkasse"

April 14, 2014 | DendroPharm achieved the second place in the "Businessplan Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg"

December 11, 2013 | DendroPharm licences two patents about controlled drug delivery from the Freie Universität Berlin.

October 28, 2013 | Dr. Henrik Luessen and Dr. Sam Dylan Moré support the "Entrepreneurship Lecture Program" of the Freie Universität Berlin. Dr. Henrik Luessen has been invited to give the starting lecture.

September 13, 2013 | DendroPharm GmbH acquired 1.2 Mio Euro in the first financing round by sucessfully qualifying for the "ProFit" start-up program of the IBB – Investitionsbank Berlin and the ERDF Fund of the European Union.

February 14, 2013 | DendroPharm was among the 20 best teams of the "Science4Life" concept phase in 2013. | More ...

August 14, 2012 | The team of DendroPharm GmbH reached the second evaluation round of the "BMBF GoBio" competition.