Testing of veterinary and human medicine active substances and drugs according to GMP, including approval by our QP.

We offer you the following GMP-compliant methods specifically tailored to nanomaterials: HPLC, GPC/SEC, SEC-MALS, FTIR, pH, dynamic & static light scattering, viscosity, density measurement, ionic strength measurements

Stability measurements of active substances and drugs according to ICH

As well as stress stability measurements (after 2-4 weeks we can make initial statements about long-term stability)

Formulation development with nanocarriers

Our dendritic nanocarriers increase skin penetration, cause accumulation in tumors or inflamed tissue and thus direct active substances to their actual site of action. This means that the amount of active substance to be used and thus the rate of side effects can be significantly reduced.


         - of functionalized polymers
         - of custom-made core multi-shell nanocarriers
         - of inorganic, functionalized nanocarriers based on iron oxide

GMP test sample production and small batch production up to 50 l

For semi-solid and liquid non-sterile medicines.
DendroPharm GmbH offers contract manufacturing for clinical test samples and small batches, especially for semi-solid substances.

Diffusion cell tests for skin penetration & tests for the release of active substances

DendroPharm offers you:
         - Transmucosal skin model
         - Artificial skin model
         - nude mouse/naked rat model
         - Human skin model
         - Drug release studies
         - Development of HPLC methods

Benefit from our experience in drug development.

We coordinate all the necessary steps from discovery to functioning and validated GMP production of your drug. At our location in Berlin we have 800 m2 of clean room, laboratory, storage and production space.

InoCann - Innovative oromuccosal spray for the treatment of chronic pain

This project is funded by the European Union as part of the promotion of research, innovation and technology - Pro FIT (January 1, 2023 - September 30, 2025). The aim of the project is to synthesize innovative mucoadhesive carriers that will enable increased bioavailability and better tolerability of cannabis extracts. Furthermore, a novel apparatus for measuring mucoadhesivity and a method for standardized measurement of nanocarrier loading are established.

Please contact us for more details including our Accelerator program.

DendroPharm is interested in collaborations with companies or academic research groups to develop new drugs and novel drug delivery systems.

DendroPharm Company Videos

DendroPharm: Innovation in veterinary medicine
Business Model Canvas - Dendropharm

January 2023 | DendroPharm obtains the manufacturing license for analytics and release of veterinry medical products

January 2022 | Certification according GMP by the state authority LaGeSo

October 2017 | DendroPharm becomes member of the "Network for Pharma Solutions" (NetPhaSol, Germany). This cooperation network for drug development serves as a platform for research, development and marketing of new products, processes and services.

Dezember 2016 | DendroPharm wins the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg.

September 2015 | TÜV-SÜD certifies the quality management system of DendroPharm according to ISO 9001:2008.

December 2014 | DendroPharm qualifies for inclusion in the BAFA program for a 20% subsidy for direct private investments from 10.000 €. If interested, please get in touch with the management.

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