GMP Production services and Accelerator

Contract manufacturing

DendroPharm GmbH offers contract manufacturing for clinical trial samples for semi-solids. We also offer stability studies with GMP-conform analytics.

DendroPharm GMP Accelerator

DendroPharm GmbH offers young companies which develop novel API (small and large molecule drugs), semi-solid formulations or parenteral liquid formulations, accelerator services. We manufacture your finished drug under GMP for stability studies and clinical trial samples. We offer office space for startups. We also provide partial in-kind investments, consulting and business development services. We have a large network of academic and industry partners all over Europe to enable your business.

DendroPharm Team

The DendroPharm GmbH consists of a team of scientists with degrees in chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, pharmacy, and microbiology. Our team cultivates a climate of integrity, creativity and commitment to our goal and vision: Satisfy customer requirements and expectations and to jointly make the world a better place. These values enable us to achieve a superior quality in products and services.

DendroPharm was founded by Sam Dylan Moré, Henrik Luessen, Margret Moré, Emanuel Fleige, and Florian Paulus as a spin-off from the Freie Universität Berlin in 2013. We are dedicated to the development of novel excipients and innovative therapies for severe and chronic diseases.

We draw on more than 15 years of experience in technology transfer, industrial production, and quality management. Our scientists have spent prolonged periods in research institutes abroad, for example in Japan, the US, or Argentina. In addition, some team members have held senior management or technical expert positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our staff is fully trained to work according to ISO 9000 and GMP standards.