Products and Services

Synthesis of Tailor-Made Nanocarriers

The building block-based design of our core-multishell nanocarriers allows for fine-tuning of the nanocarriers' properties. This enables us to synthesize nanocarriers that perfectly fit your requirements for application in research and development.

Analysis and Characterization of your Compounds

We have modern analytical equipment available (HPLC / GPC, a mini-reactor plant, lyophilisation and ultrafiltration technology). As partner of the Freie Universität Berlin we have access to the university's modern analytic facilities consisting of NMR, mass spectroscopy, FTIR, UV/Vis, fluorescence spectroscopy, and light-scattering analysis.

Formulation Development Services

Our platform technology brings your drugs faster to the market and can prolong the patent life of your products. We develop novel and proprietary skin penetrating formulations with our in-vitro models (Franz diffusion cell system) and have the equipment for stability tests in a controlled environment.

Project Management and Drug Delivery Development

We are continuously looking for new projects for joint drug delivery developments and co-investors to build a growing pipeline of projects for the human and veterinary market. Please contact us for further information.

Tuev ISO Siegel Our quality management system has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standards by TÜV-SÜD since October 2015. We also offer analytics according to GMP.

Building block-based synthesis of tailormade nanocarriers designed for your applications: